Humor: Australian deserter turns military poster boy



Sydney – The Australian military had some explaining to do Saturday after it was revealed that the image on a recently released army recruitment poster is that of a serial liar who deserted his World War I battalion not once but twice while fighting in France. Marcel Caux was celebrated as a hero when he died at the age of 105 in 2004 – one of the last five Australians to have served in World War I. His image was emblazoned on recruitment posters and he was lauded a a paragon of virtue.

But research by The Sydney Morning Herald revealed that his real name was Harold Katte and his life was a patchwork of deception.

The paper said he had “five names, five signatures, three nationalities, three places of birth, three dates of birth, three mothers, three fathers and two wives, simultaneously.”


One Response to “Humor: Australian deserter turns military poster boy”

  1. Alex Hamilton Says:

    With multi-tasking abilities like that, someone should recruit him!

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