Dayton: Two students arrested for protest at recruiting station


Unfortunately, this article is practically a press release from the police on the arrests. We’re not hearing the protesters’ stories at all.

Via Infoshop:

[Dayton, Ohio:] Two college students took their protests against the war in Iraq a bit too far Friday, police said.

The two young women were arrested on a criminal damaging complaint after they went inside two military recruiting offices and tossed brochures and tore down banners, Dayton Police Lt. Matt Carper said.

The arrests took place shortly after 11 a.m. after the students arrived in front of the Marines, Navy, and Army recruiting offices near Fourth and Main streets.

The women were among nine people from the Students for a Democratic Society. They held signs that featured phrases like, “An Army of none” and “No blood for oil.” All nine said they were Antioch University students.

The students said they believe the war is about profit and were also hoping to engage those being recruited into the military.

The article ends with helpful “Dayton police tips” on how to protest lawfully. According to the Infoshop posting you can donate to the students’ legal fund through the Movement for a Democratic Society’s website.


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