UC Santa Cruz: Counter-recruiting students celebrate outside job fair


Why are they celebrating? See last week’s post. An activist responded to the article below here, reminding us that one big reason to protest military recruiters is their discrimination against gays and people who are not heterosexual.

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Last week UCSC Students Against War kicked military recruiters off the campus job fair.

About 75 anti-war activists held a celebratory rally in front of the UC Santa Cruz bookstore on Tuesday morning, timed to coincide with a job fair on the other side of campus where military recruiters were conspicuously absent.

Army and Marine recruiters pulled out of the fair last week, one day after university officials were warned of a large counter-recruitment protest in the works.

Members of Students Against War took credit for the military’s withdrawal from the event.

“If every school prevented recruitment, if every port stopped shipping weapons, if every community refused to accept war profiteers as neighbors, war would be impossible,” third-year student Natalie MacIntyre said in a statement.

The group has disrupted three recruitment efforts since 2005. Last April, four recruiters left the fair with a police escort after a crowd of student protesters blocked the entrance to the building where the Army and National Guard had set up information tables.

News of last week’s decision by the military to skip this year’s job fair spread on at least one conservative Web blog, prompting a host of angry e-mails from around the country, many written by retired military veterans, to UCSC acting Chancellor George Blumenthal.


2 Responses to “UC Santa Cruz: Counter-recruiting students celebrate outside job fair”

  1. Kyle McNally Says:

    This is despicable. I have two very important words for you: VOLUNTEER MILITARY. How is it fair that these recruiters were kicked off of the campus? What about those people who have a sense of duty to their country and who actually support the military? What about the people that wanted to get information? How can an institution of higher learning sensor people it disagrees with? A freshman at UC Santa Cruz, I can personally say that many of the gung-ho hippies that live there don’t believe in anything but drugs. They are selfish, non-creative, non-intelligent people. That’s why I joined the Marines. FUCK UC SANTA CRUZ!!!

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