Weekend humor: Tough recruiting


From the Cincinnati Post:



2 Responses to “Weekend humor: Tough recruiting”

  1. John R Lee Says:

    I want to go to fight for our right haa now days it’s just join im31no life no wife no kids so no worries boot camp will just piss me off just send to the real shit no harm no fale I can’t spell. Good so what put me in. And sorry I’m for the draft I’m field ready don’t underestimate me and say shit this guy thanks he is just trust me I’m looking for something and can you help me out you will look at me and underestimate me from the start I got problems I hert all the time from my past witch makes me field ready I don’t have a wife and no kids to whine when i’m gone like anyone would anyway thay all would. Haa thAt’s a joke no boot camp sir just contack me as soon as possible 830 -570-7725 of home by the wayy31live with mom and dad home telly #830-569-3548 WANT TOJOIN ASAP

  2. John R Lee Says:

    Damn people r Hana call and
    make fun of me as everyone dose go ahead not much more is gana matter have your fun kill a little more is left in me I have nothing left but hard times I’m a joke to fam and used by friends but partition the draft I wAna be first in line LINE

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