Vets not interested in helping Army recruit



PORTLAND, Ore. – A new Army recruiting tactic is meeting opposition from the very people the military is hoping will spur more potential soldiers to sign up.

The Army is offering 750,000 veterans of past conflicts $2,000 for every recruit they can get to sign up.

Despite meeting and even beating recruitment goals in the past month, recruiters are aware that
new soldiers are needed and they hope participants in past conflicts can inspire others to serve their country now.

“A veteran talking positive about this great nation and the Army he served in might entice some young man or woman to enlist in the army,” says Lt. Col. Lester Moore.

But over at American Legion Post 134, the offer did not get a big welcome.

Korean War veteran Joe Martinez gave the proposal a no vote.

“I wouldn’t do it,” Martinez says,  “I don’t care if you give me more than $2,000, I wouldn’t send someone up there, not for this. We’re not winning, everyday people getting killed.”

But Vietnam veteran Judy Johnston does not agree with Martinez, saying “even though we disagree with what’s going on I think serving in the military is very honorable and something very good to do.”

Marvin Schaffer, who served in Korea, does not like the plan. “Would I want to enlist my grandkids? I don’t think I would.”

In order to get the first $1,000, the recruit enlisted on behalf of the veteran has to make it to basic training.

After the recruit completes their second training, the vet then receives the other $1,000.


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