Canadian counter-recruitment poster


It reads:

Be a part of the team that takes pride from your indigenous people. In the Canadian Forces, we:

  • Are dedicated to assimilate indigenous into being Canadians,
  • Are dedicated to labelin indigenous defenders as terrorists
  • Fight against indigenous rights in places like Oka, Gustafsen, Lake, Caledonia, Ippawash, and coming soon to ancestral lands near you!

Take up the challenge of working in today’s Reserves. Just look at what we offer you and your people!

  • Cultural enslavement from the same country that committed genocide against your peoples
  • Continual assimilation into Canadian society
  • Confrontation with your brothers and sisters defending their rights and lands
  • Travel the world and kill more Brown people

More Canadian counter-recruitment here.

Update: Canadian military recruitment sharply increased last year, apparently.


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