Spokane: Up to 10 years in prison for recruiting station vandalism


Seems like a hefty charge for two broken windows.

From the indispensable Infoshop:

Thursday [May 10] a U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington, announced that a grand jury issued a two count indictment against 23-year-old Travis Riehl of Spokane.

The Indictment charges Travis Riehl with two counts of destruction of government property. Travis Riehl is alleged to have thrown a rock through the window of the United States Army Recruiting Station located on 29th Avenue in Spokane, on October 16, 2005. It cost in excess of $1,000 to repair the damages.

Additionally, Travis Riehl is charged with throwing a rock through the window of the Washington Air National Guard office located on North Washington in Spokane on October 16, 2005. He is alleged to have spray painted a window with the “A” anarchy symbol and the phrase, “Leave Us Alone.” Damages there exceeded $1,000 as well.

A conviction for destruction of government property carries a penalty of not more than 10-years imprisonment, up to a $250,000 fine and up to 3-year term of court supervision after release.


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