Youth and military wives critical of recruiters


From Yahoo News, two press releases. The first, from the group Global Kids says,

Dozens of New York City youth participating in the programs of Global Kids, Inc., will organize a wide range of substantive activities to educate their communities about serious social issues and advocate for concrete policy change.

The events, to be held over the next two weeks, will culminate months of campaign planning, organizing, and research conducted by the youth in Global Kids’ Human Rights Activist Project (HRAP) at four New York City high schools: Lafayette and South Shore High Schools in Brooklyn and Queens-based Long Island City and William Cullen Bryant High Schools. All four schools are large public high schools serving highly diverse student populations.


William Cullen Bryant High School – HRAP participants are raising awareness about a little known clause in the No Child Left Behind Act that makes student data available to military recruiters. They have written letters to public officials asking for the removal of the clause and are educating their fellow students about military recruitment, especially in urban communities. Currently, the students of HRAP at Bryant High School are urging their peers to sign a petition that would limit military access to student information and recruitment in public high schools.

The second, from Military Ex Network, outlines more explicit opposition to military recruiting tactics in the context of the larger war machine:

US Military Officer’s Wives announce new website, Military (, seeking changes in a broken military system and investigations into dishonesty, failed policies, violations of civil rights, mass programming, misleading recruitment advertising, broken families, dependents in crisis and more. Military Ex also wants all military active duty and retired pay to become non-taxable irregardless of war zone service because military careers are literally “combat” for families.

“The US Military is attempting to turn our average Joe military members into hired assassins and killing machines and then penalizing troops for mistakes,” says Rhonda Coleman, Military Ex Founder. The Military Ex blog can be viewed online at

Rhonda Coleman, married 22 years to a Commander, and Trophy Productions screenwriter is also the author of “Mr. Nice Guy Hates Your Guts” and “Divorcelicious.” Coleman releases her most riveting opus, “Military Ex The Book,” later this year.

Military EX members denounce ranks and “worthless” war college degrees held by war commanders on the ground in Iraq, citing their botched missions resulting in countless deaths. “It’s like an incredible horror/corruption/conspiracy film that never seems to end,” says K. Wilson, Military Ex Member. “We may as well just send troops cemetery plot plans and grave markers instead of support.”

“Limits on troops’ blog contributions due to leadership, citing threat to strategic positions, sounds silly when the entire world knows that the US Military troops are in the middle of Iraq’s blistering desert heat getting ambushed, blown up, dismembered, captured and shot at on the regular,” said Coleman. Footage is widely televised. Coleman compares this ‘get permission from command’ leadership prior to posting on blogs to prison wardens screening incoming or outgoing mail and monitoring visits and what slave masters told their slaves about not reading because it would be harmful and unnecessary. Politicians and the rich don’t have their kids serve in the military on the ground in Iraq.

Military members are now doing their own ‘about face’ by retiring early or not renewing enlistment contracts due to the “military luring people in and flipping the script”, wiggly recruiting practices and back-door drafts. Parents are encouraging higher education routes and highly skilled careers including tech, science, medicine and robotics that avoid military service altogether.

According to Military EX, Military families’ lives are filled with endless hardships often resulting in military dependent kids in mass crisis suffering severe mental illnesses and disorders including schizophrenia. If schizophrenia only affects 1% of the world population, then why are so many military members and dependents being diagnosed with the disorder?

Military families are experiencing endless hardships, including wives bailing by the bus load seeking divorce and military members and dependents in the criminal justice system and psychiatric wards currently diagnosed with schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses. Coleman is currently involved in helping staff at the Naval Hospital San Diego understand the grey areas of misdiagnosing schizophrenia. According to the
New England Journal of Medicine, there are skyrocketing rates of mis-diagnosis amongst Blacks and Hispanics. She suggests, “There should be new mental disorders and illnesses added to psychiatric manuals referencing F.U.M.L. Syndrome (Fed Up With Military Life) or M.D.D.C.S.H.B Disorder (Military Dependent Driven Crazy By Separation, Hardships & Bureaucracy) patients presenting anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment, complete loss of confidence and lack of trust in the military system. F.U.M.L. Syndrome and M.D.D.C.S.H.B Disorder both result in a total lost of confidence in the US Military system. Prognosis: Without correction of unjust and unethical actions subjects become intent on creative, new age networking, aggressive displays of grass roots activism and global media replays of US Military shenanigans.”

Coleman also cites disturbing trends such as mass discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation and points a wagging finger at “a near all white old boy leadership that calls the shots.” There are too few Blacks, Hispanics and Female top ranking officers. Gays are kept in the closet, too. The only well-known and publicized Black General that America knows is
Colin Powell. There are only nine Hispanic generals. The face of the US Military’s Top Brass must be changed to represent the diverse communities they wish to attract and not just during war time if they can ever expect to become an elite force.

Coleman states, “Families are plagued with military staff finger pointers, don’t knower types or those that can’t provide answers because they’ll tell you that your problems are above their pay grade. The general attitude by command leadership across the board is ignorance, desensitization and total disregard for families or their hardships. The US Military is a powerful system so steeped in hierocracy, outdated customs and traditions this system silences its people who speak out by consensus. These troops mean something to us! Their lives count for something besides covering up our political, intelligence and military communities’ lies, misinformation and mistakes. According to Military Ex Network, The American Military Family has lost complete confidence in the US Military Leadership for allowing this to happen to our families generation after generation. It’s too much to bear, we’re being held virtual hostage by a powerful system with no control over our lives. We are told what to do, how to act, what to say and where to go. It’s just like modern day slavery.”


6 Responses to “Youth and military wives critical of recruiters”

  1. Jane Says:

    You are ignorant and uneducated… Hope you are enjoying your freedom.

  2. Jane Says:

    P.S. I love being a military wife.

  3. MilitaryEx Operative Says:

    For more, please check out MILITARYEX on youtube.

  4. MilitaryEx Operative Says:

    What these people don’t realize is that they are brainwashed and lied to. They fight for WarBiz, Inc profit$ not our freedoms. I would encourage these bottomfeeder enlisted and uneducated wives to review this information:
    Confessions of An Economic Hit Man
    War Made Easy
    America’s Addiction To War

    I know its difficult but after reviewing the real facts you’ll understand why career officer wives are ashamed that our husbands wear or have worn the uniform. Military members are nothing more than underpaid hit men who prostitute themselves and their skills by killing others for the profits of war biz, inc which is an immoral, unworthy purpose- the definition of prostitution. The enlisted wives are the most ignorant because they don’t even have the drive to have their husbands move up from the lowly enlisted ranks. It all doesn’t matter in the end. The grim reaper doesn’t discriminate, death, dismemberment, destruction, addictions, diseases and divorce hit them all up no matter what their rank unless they are a senior officer they’ve kissed assed and taken orders long enough to avoid all the gritty, bloody bullshit. No matter what, run don’t walk and protect your family and loved ones from this government cheese career of destruction, discrimination and demoralizing treatment!

  5. wife of an enlisted guy Says:

    Hmmm…I don’t think I’m a “bottom feeder enslited and uneducated” wife -I have a B.A. and an M.A. – so my husband’s enlisted – who cares? I also choose to teach public high school and make a meager salary. I like my job and enjoy it, even though I walk through a metal detector to get to my classroom. My husband enjoys his job because he knows he’s taking care of his family – yeah there are times he probably doesn’t like it – but we get through it, as a family. I have never been ashamed of my husband – and if I ever was – then I probably shouldn’t have married him because then I wouldn’t be true to myself as an individual. If the shame is that bad for you than maybe, just maybe, you married your husband for the wrong reasons, and I don’t think the military had anything to do with it. You think your husband “prostituted” himself for the benefit of the military – well hey – maybe you used your skills and did the same so you could make sure you were taken care of – it may be the 21st century – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Not to mention – I don’t think most officers wives are ashamed when they’re treating the enlisted personnel/spouses like crap. Hmm…maybe that’s what you should be ashamed of!

    It’s easy to blame others for our problems instead of taking responsibility and moving past our failures – but why take responsibility and move on when you can capitalize off of it – for example – make a website where other officer’s wives can come and gripe how the military life just isn’t fair -or write a book showing how elitist and bitter you are. Oh and since you’re so much more educated than I am – then obviously you knew that America has been in some type of conflict involving troops since WW2 and that your husband was in the military, you know that organization that supplies those troops and supplies for those conflicts.

    You can get a degree and marry an officer – but you can still be as dumb as a pile of bricks – you’re just a pile of bricks with a fancy paper and a shiny ring.

  6. Bookmarks about Ww2 Says:

    […] – bookmarked by 5 members originally found by misterikkit on 2008-10-24 Comment on Youth and military wives critical of recruiters by wife… […]

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