Cops arrest Salinas youth for challenging military recruiters



“It kinda sucks, but I’m glad that it happened because I want people to know what’s going on,” he says. “They’re trying to silence me, and that’s what the military does.”

From Santa Cruz IMC:

On June 24, Alberto Tovar, a recent graduate of Cal-State Monterey Bay and a Salinas local, was arrested for challenging military recruiters at a Día de la Famila celebration at the Salinas Sports Complex. Having recently completed a 30-page report on recruitment of poor people of color by the military, Tovar asked why recruiters promise kids health and educational benefits if they sign up, but don’t talk to them about the risks of combat. Police trumped up numerous ridiculous charges against him, including “disturbing the peace,” “criminal trespass,” and “possession of a dangerous/deadly weapon” (a trendy bracelet from Hot Topic). Additionally, the Monterey County D.A. added “disorderly conduct for public intoxication” even though Tovar was never tested to see if he had been drinking. Read More

The charges are much more severe than those received by the Raging Grannies arrested at the Capitola recruitment center two days later. Alberto was held in a Salinas jail for 8 hours, while the Grannies were taken to the Capitola police station and released.

Donations for Alberto’s anticipated legal expenses can be sent to: Attorney Miguel Hernandez, 40 Central Ave., Salinas, CA 93901. Note: Donations should be marked clearly that they are for the Alberto Tovar Defense Fund.

More good coverage in the Monterey Weekly (from where the quote at the top originates) and Salinas Californian.


2 Responses to “Cops arrest Salinas youth for challenging military recruiters”

  1. Granny Ruth Robertson Says:

    Raging Grannies Action League of the SF Penisula stand in support of Alberto Tovar and his brave action!

  2. stephen reeves Says:

    One word….Idiot!
    I am an air force recruiter in salinas and i encourage you to come to my office Jackass.

    Lets be an idiot and then have other people pay for my mistakes……

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