Maryland: Anarchists smash Air Force recruiting station


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July 10th, 2007 – In an attempt to discover how a bunch of murdering cowards like the US Air Force enjoy finding themselves on the other end of some flying projectiles for a change, at around 3:00 AM this morning an autonomous cell of the Red & Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) used bricks and other common household items to smash the shit out of the Air Force recruiting center in Rockville, Maryland.

Do we even need to explain the motivation for our actions?

A shout out to our comrades from the Borf: Revolution or Bust Faction (BORFROBF), who late last year gave a similar treatment to the military recruitment center in Silver Spring. Consider this a modest response to your “dare to those here in the heart of the imperial beast to step it up”. In suburbs so hollow, may the echo of our actions be long and loud!

Big ups to all those out there who claim RAAN. Fuck them haters who don’t realize we are but a few of the millions of ant’s bites which can topple this elephant once and for all.

No war but class war, communism or bust!



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