Michigan: Army recruiter pleads guilty to exchanging enlistment for sex


From Media Mouse, which we want to thank for often linking to this site:

An Army recruiter plead guilty on Friday in Bessemer, Michigan to offering to help a 16-year old girl get into the Army in exchange for oral sex. 30-year old Army Sgt. Robert W. Scott was sentenced to one year in jail, placed on probation for five years, fined $3,020, and required to register as a sex offender.

The judge in the case said that he was not happy with the sentencing constraints under Michigan law according to the Ironwood Daily Globe. Circuit Court judge Roy Gotham said he would have preferred to send Scott to prison for over a year but was unable to do so under the law. Gotham described the incident as “a huge betrayal of trust – an extraordinary abuse of authority. You took advantage of someone who wanted to enter the service.” He went on to say “A 16-year-old is entitled to a great deal of protection by our society and when a 30-year-old man accosts a 16-year-old for sex by virtue of his authority over her, we have an extremely serious problem,” stating that this is an incredibly serious crime and that crimes such as this frequently have lifelong consequences for the victim.

While the story was picked up by the Associated Press wire and published in media outlets around the United States, the Associated Press report failed to put this incident into the context of what is a larger problem in the military. Last year, a study by the Associated Press found that more than 100 women were sexually harassed by recruiters when they expressed interest in joining the military. That study described recruiters who raped high school age recruits in recruiting centers or sexually assaulted them in government vehicles. Moreover, according the Associated Press study found that most incidents of sexual harassment or abuse by recruiters are handled with administrative punishments, jail time as was given in this case is quite rare. The Associated Press reported that more than 80 military recruiters had been disciplined in the year before the study was published.

Media reports and government studies have also found widespread abuses among recruiters ranging from falsifying paperwork to sexual harassment. A study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) last year found that there was a 50% increase in recruiter abuses from 2004 to 2005. At the same time, numerous media reports have documented recruiters coaching recruits on how to pass drug tests, enlisting unqualified recruits, and claiming that the Iraq War was over.
The GAO report blamed similar abuses on the difficulty that recruiters are having in meeting their quotas due to the ongoing war in Iraq.


4 Responses to “Michigan: Army recruiter pleads guilty to exchanging enlistment for sex”

  1. Ali Samee Says:


    I’m new to the Arlington, Texas area where I’m now pursuing my graduate studies at The University of Texas at Arlington. Less than a mile away from the university is Arlington Senior High School and I often times see US Army cars parked outside when I drive by. The school has large contingency of latino and black students from what I can tell. I wanted to inform that way you can possibly get in touch with someone down here to help organize counter recruitment efforts.

  2. Daniel Says:

    It is common practice for army and marine recruiters to visit highschools Ali. And we don’t need any counter-recruitment activities going on. What we need is for the draft to be reopened so all the lazy ass americans who refuse to fight for their country can finally put in some work instead of leaving it up to the people who took on the responsibility with honor. A military nation is a strong nation, one rarely affected by the problems our economy is affecting our nation today. Im sure this isnt politically correct, but i dont think someone named Ali Samee is the person we want organizing counter-recruitment efforts. Its too cliche for an american towelhead to do something like that. That situation reeks of terrorism.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Wow this stupid ignorant dumb@$$. He lived in the same house with me an I knew he was dumb but to go and do this! Oh and he did try to break my neck when I was 12! Shows how dumb he really is.

    • hank Says:

      jeff, what dumb a are you talking about, you do not even know him. the article doesn’t say she went to the sheriff a week later and told them her father was making her have sex with men for his benefit. what kind of protection is Michigan giving their people?

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