Mixed Signals: excellent graphic booklet for counter-recruiters


Next Left Notes, a project of the new SDS, published a beautiful 16-page counter-recruiting comic by Sabrina Jones entitled “Mixed Signals” earlier this year, and I just found it online here. It raises important points about discrimination, disempowerment, sexism, and racism in the military and aims to dissuade prospective recruits from signing their lives away.

I put together a PDF version that you can print out and distribute – in schools, malls, wherever. Maybe leave a little stack hidden in your local military recruiter’s office?

Download Mixed Signals PDF (14 MB). Preview the pamphlet below.


Here are some notes on the comic book:

Mixed Signals – a counter-recruitment tool in comic book form -is now available for use in activism, outreach, counseling, education, starting conversations and saving lives.
16 pages, black & white. Suggested donation: $2 per copy.
To Order Copies: Contact sabjonze@yahoo.com with your address and how you’ll use them.
If you are a no-budget group – we can send you some free copies, otherwise, please contribute what you can to keep this thing rolling. We’re hoping to raise funds to print it with color covers (any leads?) but for now, let’s get the message out!
If you have access to a good quality copier, you can order one copy, remove the staples, and make your own multiples.
Mixed Signals is Ā©Sabrina Jones 2006.
Permission to reproduce is granted for non-commercial use.


3 Responses to “Mixed Signals: excellent graphic booklet for counter-recruiters”

  1. ed Says:

    for color covers, you should try e-mailing a distro called One Thousand Emotions. They would maybe be willing to make you color covers for pretty cheap.


  2. ed Says:

    ote@riseup.net is the e-mail for one thousand emotions so you can contact them, sorry.

  3. anselcr Says:

    Cool, thanks for the tip ed.

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