California: Youth go on tour to investigate military recruiters


From the Vallejo Times Herald:

Four Vallejo teens will be on the road this week in a trip designed to scrutinize the military’s recruitment campaign aimed at youth.

As part of the American Civil Liberties Union project, students from 20 Northern Californian high schools will meet with veterans, recruiters, San Francisco school board members and a conscientious objector. They will visit the San Diego VA Medical Center, and Marine Corps Base Camp Pendelton.

Participating Vallejo students are Aliesha Bald , 17, and Doris Le, 16, of Vallejo High School; and Perla Pasayes, 16, and Shamar Theus, 17, of Jesse Bethel High School.

The week-long Northern California’s Howard A. Friedman Youth Project started Sunday and will last through Sunday. The youth activists chose to name it: “The Truth Behind the Camouflage: A Youth Investigation into the Myths & Truths of Military Recruitment & Military Service.”

“Where I go to school, there’s a lot of military recruiters. The military recruiters actually came to my home offering me all sorts of things, including money for college. I want to go on this trip because I want to inform my classmates about the truth behind the promises,” Bald is quoted as saying in an ACLU announcement about the trip.


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