Florida: District policy limits high-school access for recruiters


It’s neat that the the school district, prompted by a counter-recruiting group, took the initiative on this. From News-Press.com:

Military recruiters will be relegated to high school career centers, and then they can only show up by appointment.

It’s a marked change in school policy from last year, when some high schools allowed military recruiters wide latitude in reaching out to students. At some schools, recruiters were allowed to set up tables in the cafeteria during lunch. Others limited access to the career center.

“Every school was doing things differently,” said Herbert Wiseman, the Lee County School District’s director of middle and high school operations. “The superintendent thought we needed to get everybody on the same sheet of music and develop a process document that everyone could follow.”

The new policy also covers recruiters for colleges and universities, employers and groups opposed to military recruiting, such as the Wage Peace Project.

Anti-military recruiting groups, however, will not be granted appointments in schools the same day as military recruiters.

Nancy Howell, co-chairwoman of the Wage Peace Project, hailed the new policy as a much-needed protection for young, impressionable students against persuasive military recruiters.

“We were surprised to find out that the principals got together last week and had a discussion about this issue,” said Howell, of North Fort Myers. “We feel our discussions with the district have been fairly positive.”

Last year, Howell’s group focused its efforts on the high schools with the least restrictions on military recruiters — Cypress Lake, Dunbar, Estero, Fort Myers and Lehigh Senior — at least twice a month.

Janet Santiago, who has two daughters attending Cape Coral High this year, said she feels the new policy is fair.

“It’s not something I have experienced personally because none of my children have ever been interested in the military,” she said. “It probably is a good idea that it’s regulated by one office instead of leaving it up to individual schools.”


One Response to “Florida: District policy limits high-school access for recruiters”

  1. Nick Eltgroth Says:

    This presentation has shown me new ways to approach our local high schools about counter-recruitment. I also meet with individual high school classes for an hour.

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