Video: Army recruiters’ effective new tactic


Notice how I didn’t spoil it by titling the post ‘weekend humor.’


3 Responses to “Video: Army recruiters’ effective new tactic”

  1. erock Says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for not spoiling it. I was totally caught off guard.

  2. MSG DYKES Says:

    Kidnapping is a federal crime.

    The same video of a 9 year old little girl would not be funny either.

    The problem with this site is that you depiect what you want people to see you are not showing the truth.

    The Recruiter follows Congressional guidelines, they support in the way you want to handle it, but again you must vote to make effective change.

    How involved are you with this country and government? if this is what you call being involved by running a poor website then shame on you.

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